More About meat and Meals

meals getting packed on a counter top

I have been writing a few articles about meat in the past and the reason is obvious. This blog is about outdoor cooking and actually everything home and garden related.

i also try to write about things that save us money and time, or just make our life easier in general.

Buying meat.

I always like to go to a meat market in a town nearby, The reason is that I slowly built a personal relationship with the butcher and he always helped me with my sometimes demanding meat orders.

Unfortunately, he was getting a little older and did not work full time anymore. He only worked a few days a week and most of the time that did not fit my schedule.

i still go there and buy meat but not as frequent as I use to do.

What I changed

Since my butcher was not the only one who was getting a tad older and I have to add my name slowly to that list of seniors, I had to change a thing or two when it comes to buying meat.

I discovered on a website for seniors an article about senior meal delivery services and you can read it here if you would like to.

What I found there is that there are no just meal delivery services that offer pretty good quality meals but there are also many companies that specialize in meals for seniors.


Although I love to cook it sometimes very convenient to order meals online. What I do is order meals and keep them frozen and use them on days we don’t have time to cook or do not feel like cooking.

Unless you are very picky and think you are the best cook in the world and everyone else not you can find some good and healthy meals on many sites. Do your research before ordering, however.


I still like to see the meat before I buy it, but that is not always possible for the reasons I talked about earlier.

Now I had found that article about ordering online I also order some of my meats there. At first, I was very skeptical about what the quality would be.

I have to be honest and admit that the quality was a lot better than I expected. I have not had any shipment that I had to return or complain about.


Now I am in the habit of ordering online I am looking at some companies that ship snacks right to your door. I like snacks as much as any other person, but like to snack a little healthy.

There are enough options to find online.

My Opinion

At first, I was very skeptical about ordering any food online. Now I have tried it a few times I lost my skeptical few and enjoy the meat that I get delivered to my doorstep.

Now I am more comfortable doing this online thing and have expand it to other types of food I can only give you the advise to try it. Just be very careful and research the companies you are ordering from.

George Sneed

When will we go back to normal

Person wearing a mask on the street

Lately, I am a little down and I know it has to do with the new normal times we are living in. My wife and I were talking about shopping and almost automatically I thought about online shopping.

This is so much different than a year ago. A year ago I would have looked at the local stores and what they had on sale. Now, since we were talking about meat, I almost immediately started looking for a Farmfoods review since we have done a lot of shopping with them recently. If you need more information you can have a look here and find out why we use Farmfoods.

The new way of living

Back to the subject. It amazed me how fast I have adjusted to the new situation of ordering our groceries and food online instead of going to our local stores.

However, I don’t like the fact that I adjusted so fast. It just proves that we humans can adapt to new situations easily.

Normally we would shop once a month in a big box store for our groceries, and that included meat, to make it last for about a month. For smaller things or products that are more prone to going bad, we use our local grocery store and their meat department.

What else did we change

I guess I don’t have to tell you what the impact was on our social life. We have an older relative living with us and although we are not in the so-called risk group, she is.

That has a huge impact on our lives also. We have to be even more careful than we normally are already. We also have to tell people to stay away from our home as much as possible.

Shopping has also changed in many ways. We used to go to the store almost daily to buy are fresh foods and use it the same day for dinner and or breakfast the next morning. Now, as I mentioned before, we do most of our shopping online.

How do we handle our groceries?

I think we need to think a little more about how we handle the groceries that come to our house delivered by a truck or van.

These boxes and bags are probably touched by many hands. From the store people to the warehouse and to the people who load the trucks.

After that, it is touched by the driver of the delivery truck. I am not saying that the boxes are not handled in a safe manner, but we have to give it a thought.

We personally empty the boxes quickly and take the empty boxes outside as fast as possible. Bottles and anything else that can be rinsed of will be rinsed off.

After putting up all the groceries we wash our hands very thoroughly and use hand sanitizer.

For some, or maybe many, people this might be a little over the top, but we have to do this to keep our family member and ourself healthy.

I will write more later on how we deal with this in our daily life and how, and maybe tell you where, we order our groceries at the lowest prices possible.

George Sneed

Animals and Cooking

lady in wheel chair petting a cat in the kitchen

I understand that this title probably does not make a lot of sense. I will explain a little more in a minute why this title.

I am writing this to make it understandable that having pets in your personal kitchen does not mean that their hair will get in your food.

However, when you talk about a commercial kitchen the health department will have a different opinion and will not like the idea that you have animals in the kitchen unless it is a service dog or similar.

Service animals are an exception but need to have a good per bed as you can find here

What can animals cause

We all, at least I hope, have been raised to keep animals away from the kitchen table. I personally see no difference between the table of the countertop.

Animals do shed hair and that hair can come in your food. And if you like it or not and how careful you are you can not avoid that.

I guess all of us have sooner or later had a hair in our food in a restaurant and although these are from humans. An animal hair is just as bed or maybe even worse since they can be more dirty.

Animals can also have other bugs on them and it does not have to be fleas, it can be ticks or other bugs they picked up from outdoors.

What to do with pets while cooking

We personally have two dogs and a cat. They are basically always indoors and only the dogs go outside to do their thing.

We keep the cat boxes out of the kitchen but that is just standard hygiene in my opinion. The dogs is a different story.

Depending on what I am cooking they have to stay out of the kitchen and to be hones they know that and will not even come to the kitchen when they heart the noise of pots and pans.

As we all know is that it is a fact that cats do not listen to well. But although they do not listen if you keep sending them out of the kitchen sooner or later they will give up.

One thing that is very important and kind of logical in my opinion is to keep the food and water of the pets out of the kitchen if you want to teach them these things.

Our pets have their bowls in the utility room and do not know any better.

My take on pets and cooking

I love my pets and especially the dogs are more of my companion then the cat. And although I love my pets i do not want them to get near me while I am cooking. Dogs are easier to train and that did not cost me too much time.

The cat was a different story and only by being consistent I could slowly teach her to stay out of the kitchen. I found very helpful that they, and I am talking about the dogs now, had their own dog beds.

That is their private territory and that is where I send them while I am doing cooking that I don’t want them to be around.

If you have an opinion about this subject or have developed a way to keep your pet or pets out of the kitchen while you are cooking, let me know and I can share it with the readers here.

George Sneed

Should You Get Vegetables From The Farmers Market?

vegetables on a farmers market

I buy vegetables in the farmer’s market – prices are lower, and the range is much more interesting than in supermarkets. But sometimes sellers in the farmer markets are cunning. Read these tips that’ll help you to bring home delicious and inexpensive vegetables easily.

Compare prices

First, go around the farmers market, study the assortment, and compare the offers. The prices of the farmer’s market are not the same. They depend on the tent’s location, the seasonality of the products, the prices at the wholesale centers, and the sellers’ margins.

Sellers are often disingenuous when they name the country of origin of vegetables and fruits. Where the fruit is actually brought from can be found from the documents – the seller must have a certificate for each product. But for me, this is an extra gimmick. Taste is much more important to me than information about the origin.

Buy in the morning and evening.

The farmer makes the biggest discounts at the beginning and the end of the day – around 8-9 am and around 8 pm. Early in the morning, when there are still few buyers, the farmer needs to make their first sale. This is their superstition: the first buyer needs to give in so that there are more sales per day.

In the evening, you need to sell the vegetables so as not to spoil. This is why farmers are willing to give volume discounts. For example, they can sell 1.5 kilograms of potatoes for the price of one. Therefore, it is beneficial to shop with friends in the evening and then share the item brought.

On the days before the holidays, prices are inflated. If there are a lot of people in the market, they may even cheat. Count your change carefully, avoid queues, and walk around with a list, so you stay alert.

Check Products

Common mistake buyers make not to check what they put in the package. Farmer displays beautiful products on display and gives the tastiest samples to taste, and the bag contains fragments of frozen squid, avocados frozen to blackness, and peaches with rotten sides. Collect the products yourself. If the farmer is against you, touching the food, ask them to weigh what you like.

Find your seller

Good acquaintances in the farmers market work to guarantee quality purchases and a discount card in supermarkets. Your farmer will make a discount and advise you on keeping fresh greens longer or cooking fish deliciously.

If you try to built up an relationship with the sellers and show more interest in their products they will be more willing to give you a better deal and possibly a higher quality.

Bargaining is not a shame.

The farmer market is highly competitive, and there are no fixed prices in most locations. Therefore, it is a great place to practice your trading skills. Feel free to ask for a discount, especially if you charge a lot. Farmers are often accommodating when they offer to buy three for the price of two. 

If you need more tips you can read my cooking tips and tricks here on this page, and keep coming back to read more on how to improve your cooking in and outdoors. You can also leave some tips on how to do that.

George Sneed

Here’s How You Can Make Your Gift More Personal

puppet receiving a gift from a hand

I have been writing about food and where to buy it now for a while and here is something related to buying but not to food. This is all about presents and how to make them more personal.

The gifts transform year after year into a stressful nightmare, with demands that have ended up drowning out the true sense: the simple loving gesture of giving something. How to get out of it?

Meet The Person

The best way to deliver an insignificant and not very valuable gift is to have no idea what the person’s tastes are, something about their history, or not to consider it at the time of your purchase. As receivers, we know that it is something that happens often. Do you want to give a gift with meaning?

The most important thing in exchanging gifts is showing that you know the person well and care about them.

To give you a nice example I can tell you this. I have a friend who like to cook. isn’t that a surprise?, and spend a lot of time in her kitchen. prepping and cooking.

Recently she had a birthday and I decided to make it more personal and started looking online for something nice, personal and would fit her kitchen decor. I found a piece of kitchen wall art in the shape of a clock. You can see here where I found it

This is a nice example of a personalized kitchen sign and she loved it and it hangs on her kitchen wall now.

For this reason, someone who gives meaningful gifts does not usually buy the same gift ever, even if they are people who individually would appreciate the gift and who would never find out what the other received. He also suggests that the solution is not to choose the gift based on what we would like to give but to “get into” the other’s head to determine what they want to receive. Is it not “what would I like him to wear/have/do,” but “what would he/she by himself/herself?

If it’s a secret office friend, don’t worry. You may not know that person perfectly, but try to find out a taste or hobby they have talked about in recent months, that is enough and plenty.

Give experiences, not objects.

The impact is greater if they are close people, adds a study, and can be especially significant for children.

If gifts are the time to express and forge love, one of the best ways to do it is with your own time,” says Pugh. “That will always be a very powerful gift.”

And for those who still doubt, there is more evidence. People who expect a material gift but receive an experiential one still report being satisfied, whereas the other way around they are not.

Choose the perfect balance.

The eternal struggle between consumerism and “do it yourself” is a matter of taste rather than certainty. The balance formula is essential to avoid spending a lot and, at the same time, giving an intimate touch to your presents. Combine items made by you with other purchases. Let your imagination fly with Christmas cards, wrappers, letters, photographs, or other personal items to achieve the expected effect.

Avoid Surprises

Avoid classic wrapping paper and change it for papers that you can design and intervene. Swap sticky cards for handwritten cards in your handwriting. You will give your gifts a different touch, and the person will know that you spent time and effort on them.


If you have no idea what to buy but want to have a nice gesture with someone, don’t be afraid to ask what they want or what they need. You may not surprise him, but at least you will give him a detail that will be useful, he will like it and will not end up in the trash.

Another good option is gift vouchers. Although some consider them a bit impersonal, they are an alternative when you do not know well who you are going to give.

If you have any experience with personalizing gifts feel free to tell me how and what below.


Wine and temperature

sign in window with the word wine

Before I start talking about the subject of wine and the relation to the temperature to serve it on I have to admit that I have never been too crazy about wine.

I am more a beer drinker and maybe the reason for that is that I always thought of wine as a drink for women and beer more as a drink for men.

Recently I have become more of a wine drinker. The reason is that I figured out that I most of the time drank my wine at the wrong temperature.

I have a friend, and he is more of a wine expert, and although he always had a beer cold for me when we had dinner together he kept pushing me to try wine with the meals our families had together.

After a long time, I decided to give in and starting to drink more wine and I have to be honest and mention here that I started to like it more and more.

I will never be an expert and I found out that you do not have to be one to enjoy a good glass of wine.

My friend has a website and was actually the on that told me to start this blog you are reading now about food in general.

He showed me that it makes a huge difference in taste when you serve wine at the right temperature and he even let me taste the difference to convince me.

Chilled Wine

glass being filled with red wine

He keeps his wine chilled in a wine refrigerator and wrote about them on his website. He chose a u-line as a brand and wrote a whole Uline wine cooler review on his website.

Since he is the expert I assume that he knows what he is talking about and I believe him when he mentioned and explained to me why he preferred a U-line. I am not ready to have my own wine fridge but am in the process of finding a cooler just for one bottle.

The reason is that besides that I am starting to enjoy wine more, in general, I also found, or actually new already for years, that wine has some great health benefits.

One of the benefits that I personally experienced is that when I drink a glass of wine at night I sleep better. According to the Mayo Clinic the resveratrol in wine, which comes from the fermented skin, is a very healthy ingredient in wine.

I am not sure if I will ever become a wine lover like some of my friends, but I am enjoying a good glass of wine more and more.

Beer or Wine?

I still like my nice cold beer but now I know that wine has to be served on the right temperature to give it its optimal flavor I have changed my mind that wine is more for women that fro men.

If you have an opinion about wine, wine coolers or anything related to this subject feel free to let us know in the comments below.