Wine and temperature

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Before I start talking about the subject of wine and the relation to the temperature to serve it on I have to admit that I have never been too crazy about wine.

I am more a beer drinker and maybe the reason for that is that I always thought of wine as a drink for women and beer more as a drink for men.

Recently I have become more of a wine drinker. The reason is that I figured out that I most of the time drank my wine at the wrong temperature.

I have a friend, and he is more of a wine expert, and although he always had a beer cold for me when we had dinner together he kept pushing me to try wine with the meals our families had together.

After a long time, I decided to give in and starting to drink more wine and I have to be honest and mention here that I started to like it more and more.

I will never be an expert and I found out that you do not have to be one to enjoy a good glass of wine.

My friend has a website and was actually the on that told me to start this blog you are reading now about food in general.

He showed me that it makes a huge difference in taste when you serve wine at the right temperature and he even let me taste the difference to convince me.

Chilled Wine

glass being filled with red wine

He keeps his wine chilled in a wine refrigerator and wrote about them on his website. He chose a u-line as a brand and wrote a whole Uline wine cooler review on his website.

Since he is the expert I assume that he knows what he is talking about and I believe him when he mentioned and explained to me why he preferred a U-line. I am not ready to have my own wine fridge but am in the process of finding a cooler just for one bottle.

The reason is that besides that I am starting to enjoy wine more, in general, I also found, or actually new already for years, that wine has some great health benefits.

One of the benefits that I personally experienced is that when I drink a glass of wine at night I sleep better. According to the Mayo Clinic the resveratrol in wine, which comes from the fermented skin, is a very healthy ingredient in wine.

I am not sure if I will ever become a wine lover like some of my friends, but I am enjoying a good glass of wine more and more.

Beer or Wine?

I still like my nice cold beer but now I know that wine has to be served at the right temperature to give it its optimal flavor I have changed my mind that wine is more for women than for men.

If you have an opinion about wine, wine coolers or anything related to this subject feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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