When will we go back to normal

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Person wearing a mask on the street

Lately, I am a little down and I know it has to do with the new normal times we are living in. My wife and I were talking about shopping and almost automatically I thought about online shopping.

This is so much different than a year ago. A year ago I would have looked at the local stores and what they had on sale. Now, since we were talking about meat, I almost immediately started looking for a Farmfoods review since we have done a lot of shopping with them recently. If you need more information you can have a look here and find out why we use Farmfoods.

The new way of living

Back to the subject. It amazed me how fast I have adjusted to the new situation of ordering our groceries and food online instead of going to our local stores.

However, I don’t like the fact that I adjusted so fast. It just proves that we humans can adapt to new situations easily.

Normally we would shop once a month in a big box store for our groceries, and that included meat, to make it last for about a month. For smaller things or products that are more prone to going bad, we use our local grocery store and their meat department.

What else did we change

I guess I don’t have to tell you what the impact was on our social life. We have an older relative living with us and although we are not in the so-called risk group, she is.

That has a huge impact on our lives also. We have to be even more careful than we normally are already. We also have to tell people to stay away from our home as much as possible.

Shopping has also changed in many ways. We used to go to the store almost daily to buy are fresh foods and use it the same day for dinner and or breakfast the next morning. Now, as I mentioned before, we do most of our shopping online.

How do we handle our groceries?

I think we need to think a little more about how we handle the groceries that come to our house delivered by a truck or van.

These boxes and bags are probably touched by many hands. From the store people to the warehouse and to the people who load the trucks.

After that, it is touched by the driver of the delivery truck. I am not saying that the boxes are not handled in a safe manner, but we have to give it a thought.

We personally empty the boxes quickly and take the empty boxes outside as fast as possible. Bottles and anything else that can be rinsed of will be rinsed off.

After putting up all the groceries we wash our hands very thoroughly and use hand sanitizer.

For some, or maybe many, people this might be a little over the top, but we have to do this to keep our family member and ourself healthy.

I will write more later on how we deal with this in our daily life and how, and maybe tell you where, we order our groceries at the lowest prices possible.

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