Should You Get Vegetables From The Farmers Market?

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vegetables on a farmers market

I buy vegetables in the farmer’s market – prices are lower, and the range is much more interesting than in supermarkets. But sometimes sellers in the farmer markets are cunning. Read these tips that’ll help you to bring home delicious and inexpensive vegetables easily.

Compare prices

First, go around the farmers market, study the assortment, and compare the offers. The prices of the farmer’s market are not the same. They depend on the tent’s location, the seasonality of the products, the prices at the wholesale centers, and the sellers’ margins.

Sellers are often disingenuous when they name the country of origin of vegetables and fruits. Where the fruit is actually brought from can be found from the documents – the seller must have a certificate for each product. But for me, this is an extra gimmick. Taste is much more important to me than information about the origin.

Buy in the morning and evening.

The farmer makes the biggest discounts at the beginning and the end of the day – around 8-9 am and around 8 pm. Early in the morning, when there are still few buyers, the farmer needs to make their first sale. This is their superstition: the first buyer needs to give in so that there are more sales per day.

In the evening, you need to sell the vegetables so as not to spoil. This is why farmers are willing to give volume discounts. For example, they can sell 1.5 kilograms of potatoes for the price of one. Therefore, it is beneficial to shop with friends in the evening and then share the item brought.

On the days before the holidays, prices are inflated. If there are a lot of people in the market, they may even cheat. Count your change carefully, avoid queues, and walk around with a list, so you stay alert.

Check Products

Common mistake buyers make not to check what they put in the package. Farmer displays beautiful products on display and gives the tastiest samples to taste, and the bag contains fragments of frozen squid, avocados frozen to blackness, and peaches with rotten sides. Collect the products yourself. If the farmer is against you, touching the food, ask them to weigh what you like.

Find your seller

Good acquaintances in the farmers market work to guarantee quality purchases and a discount card in supermarkets. Your farmer will make a discount and advise you on keeping fresh greens longer or cooking fish deliciously.

If you try to built up an relationship with the sellers and show more interest in their products they will be more willing to give you a better deal and possibly a higher quality.

Bargaining is not a shame.

The farmer market is highly competitive, and there are no fixed prices in most locations. Therefore, it is a great place to practice your trading skills. Feel free to ask for a discount, especially if you charge a lot. Farmers are often accommodating when they offer to buy three for the price of two. 

If you need more tips you can read my cooking tips and tricks here on this page, and keep coming back to read more on how to improve your cooking in and outdoors. You can also leave some tips on how to do that.

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