Cooking On An Indoor Grill

how to cook on an indoor grill

Some people do not have the option to grill outside. There are apartments where it is not even allowed to grill on a balcony. For many years that mend that you had to live with that.

There were options like electric indoor grills but in the past, they were not any better than just grilling a hot cheese ham sandwich and that was it.

Healthier life style changes and indoor grills

In the more recent years, manufacturers have realized that more people are pursuing a healthier lifestyle and one of the things to achieve that is staying away from deep-fried food and even food cooked in a skillet.

Reason enough for them to pay more attention to this phenomenon and start producing and competing for customers who want to buy the best electric indoor grills. This also means that since there is more choice there is also more chance of buying the wrong grill for your situation.

This brings me back to the subject of this article and that is how to cook on an indoor grill. I am an old grill cook and because of that, I know a few things about cooking on a grill. Some people would say that you cannot compare any electric grill for home use with a professional grill in a restaurant but I do not agree totally with that.

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How To Buy An Indoor Grill

How to buy an indoor grill

Before thinking about buying any type of indoor grill we have to start thinking about how we are going to use it. By using I mean not once in a month because then it is not so hard to pick the right brand and model indoor grill. I mean using it almost or even on a daily basis.

There is no need in buying a more expensive programmable double plated and setup with hinged grill plates if you only use it once a month to cook a hamburger or a piece of chicken.

This guide will help you in finding the indoor electric grill that will fit your needs and way of cooking now and for a long time to come. But for an even better pick, we recommend you to have a look at websites that do reviews of indoor grills like this one and look at the many pros and cons of all of the grills they looked at.

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Grilling Tips That Will Work

Tips for better grillling food

I have seen so many articles and videos about grilling and BBQ and how to improve it that contained a lot of difficult steps to take that most people do not even try to them.

Grilling and smoking should be easy and fun to do. If not you will not keep doing it. I tried to write down my tips in a way that they are easy to follow because I don’t like complicated preparations that take hours and hours.


Being prepared is always the first tip I start with. This means that you do not decide to cook on the grill 10 minutes before dinner time.
Preparations take a little time and need to be planned.

This means that you need to prep things like your meat and veggies and make sure they are cooked and ready to eat at the same time.
Seasoning meat is in my opinion best done a while before cooking and I prefer overnight.

Rub the meat with some olive oil and then season it. The olive oil will help the seasoning to penetrate a little more into the meat instead of just sitting on the surface. I found that this makes the meat taste better.

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Can Food Help You Concentrate ?

Food for better concentration

Food can do about anything in my opinion and we can improve our daily lives by just eating right.
The question is just if all the hype food and supplements are really as powerful as they claim to be.

I try to eat healthily and stay in shape and believe it or not it is not easy to do on most days. Daily activities take up a lot of time and things like taking breaks to eat sometimes are not taken or to short to even chew well.

But overall I have to say that my breakfast and dinners are loaded with healthy food and maybe in the morning a little too much coffee.

I found an article on Webmd (you can click on that link to read it) That shows 12 slides to show you how food can help you improve your brain functions.
Let’s have a look at a few of them and then you can read the whole article if you feel like it.

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Cooking Tips And Tricks

To get started with cooking there are a few basic things you need to know.

We have found a nice video on the 15 mistakes most beginners make when they start cooking.

After that is time to know a few basic things and we found a video of Dave Ramsey where he explained how to master the 5 basic cooking skills.

This is the first thing we publish here and it might not be what you are looking for when you look for a website about cooking indoors and outdoors.
We had to start somewhere so we thought it was a good idea to start by avoiding the most common mistakes and talking about the 5 essential and basic cooking skills you need to improve your cooking.

Let us know what you think of it and what your mistakes were when you got started with cooking. In our other articles, you can read what type of mistakes I made when I started wit cooking.

George Sneed

George sneed has many years of experience cooking and developing his own recipes. He uses this knowledge and experience to write about cooking and cooking-related subjects. You can read more about him here.