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I have been writing a few articles about meat in the past and the reason is obvious. This blog is about outdoor cooking and actually everything home and garden related.

i also try to write about things that save us money and time, or just make our life easier in general.

Buying meat.

I always like to go to a meat market in a town nearby, The reason is that I slowly built a personal relationship with the butcher and he always helped me with my sometimes demanding meat orders.

Unfortunately, he was getting a little older and did not work full time anymore. He only worked a few days a week and most of the time that did not fit my schedule.

i still go there and buy meat but not as frequently as I use to do.

What I changed

Since my butcher was not the only one who was getting a tad older and I have to add my name slowly to that list of seniors, I had to change a thing or two when it comes to buying meat.

I discovered on a website for seniors an article about senior meal delivery services and you can read it here if you would like to.

What I found there is that there are not just meal delivery services that offer pretty good quality meals but there are also many companies that specialize in meals for seniors.


Although I love to cook it is sometimes very convenient to order meals online. What I do is order meals and keep them frozen and use them on days we don’t have time to cook or do not feel like cooking.

Unless you are very picky and think you are the best cook in the world and everyone else is not you can find some good and healthy meals on many sites. Do your research before ordering, however.


I still like to see the meat before I buy it, but that is not always possible for the reasons I talked about earlier.

Now I had found that article about ordering online I also order some of my meats there. At first, I was very skeptical about what the quality would be.

I have to be honest and admit that the quality was a lot better than I expected. I have not had any shipment that I had to return or complain about.


Now I am in the habit of ordering online I am looking at some companies that ship snacks right to your door. I like snacks as much as any other person, but like to snack a little healthy.

There are enough options to find online.

My Opinion

At first, I was very skeptical about ordering any food online. Now I have tried it a few times I lost my skeptical few and enjoy the meat that I get delivered to my doorstep.

Now I am more comfortable doing this online thing and have expanded it to other types of food I can only give you the advice to try it. Just be very careful and research the companies you are ordering from.

George Sneed

George sneed has many years of experience cooking and developing his own recipes. He uses this knowledge and experience to write about cooking and cooking-related subjects. You can read more about him here.

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