How To Buy An Indoor Grill

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How to buy an indoor grillBefore thinking about buying any type of indoor grill we have to start thinking about how we are going to use it. By using I mean not once in a month because than it is not so hard to pick the right brand and model indoor grill. I mean using it almost or even on a daily basis.

There is no need in buying a more expensive programmable double plated and setup with hinged grill plates if you only use it once a month to cook a hamburger or a piece of chicken.

This guide will help you in finding the indoor electric grill that will fit your needs and way of cooking now and for a long time to come.But for an even better pick we recommend you to have a look at websites that do reviews of indoor grills like this one and look at many pros and cons of all of the grills they looked at.

Types of indoor grills

There are several types of indoor grill and they can be divided in the following.

  • One plated
  • Double plated

This is the first choice you have to make. For just a burger a simple one plated one is good if you think of making grilled cheese and other Panini like sandwiches a double plated is a better choice.

  • Programmable
  • Non programmable

Programmable means that you can use it for several types of food that need different setting and non programmable means you can just turn it on or off.

How many watts

The wattage of the indoor grill determines a lot of things. Higher watts means more options like searing a steak and or cooking more food a the same time.

lower watts does not always mean not good, but just limits what you can do with the brand or model.

My opinion is that for searing you need more power. For a sandwich you can get away with less power.

Removable plates

If you can afford it I think removable plates are a plus. This makes it easier to clean them and most of them can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. The cons of removable plates is that the heating element is most of the time not built in the plates bur underneath it and this can cause some hot and cold spot or even lower temperatures in general.

Hinged grill plates

If you are going for the double plated indoor grill I suggest you try to find one that comes with hinged plates. This will allow the top plate top adjust to the thickness of the meat or sandwich you are grilling.

This will allow for a more even heating of your food and prevent some pieces being more done than other pieces. It also prevents some spots of being burned while other spots are not done yet.

More tips and ideas

It will take to long to go through every option in helping you find the perfect indoor electric grill for your situation and way of cooking but here are some more tips.

Length of the power-cord

More than one appliance in use

Make sure that your outlets are of the ground-fault type and that all the used appliances on your counter top are not used at the same time to avoid overload of the electric circuit in that part of the house.

Cleaning and storage

The one thing that you should avoid is cleaning the grill surface to fast after using it. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth real fast to take of most of the residue that is on you grill plates. But after that it is better and safer to let them cool of before starting on the final cleaning. This will prevent injuries by burning yourself on the hot surface.

I hope these tips and ideas on how to choose and use the right indoor electric grill for you way of cooking helped and if you have some tips leave them in the comments below.