Here’s How You Can Make Your Gift More Personal

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I have been writing about food and where to buy it now for a while and here is something related to buying but not to food. This is all about presents and how to make them more personal.

The gifts transform year after year into a stressful nightmare, with demands that have ended up drowning out the true sense: the simple loving gesture of giving something. How to get out of it?

Meet The Person

The best way to deliver an insignificant and not very valuable gift is to have no idea what the person’s tastes are, something about their history, or not to consider it at the time of your purchase. As receivers, we know that it is something that happens often. Do you want to give a gift with meaning?

The most important thing in exchanging gifts is showing that you know the person well and care about them.

To give you a nice example I can tell you this. I have a friend who like to cook. isn’t that a surprise?, and spend a lot of time in her kitchen. prepping and cooking.

Recently she had a birthday and I decided to make it more personal and started looking online for something nice, personal and would fit her kitchen decor. I found a piece of kitchen wall art in the shape of a clock. You can see here where I found it

This is a nice example of a personalized kitchen sign and she loved it and it hangs on her kitchen wall now.

For this reason, someone who gives meaningful gifts does not usually buy the same gift ever, even if they are people who individually would appreciate the gift and who would never find out what the other received. He also suggests that the solution is not to choose the gift based on what we would like to give but to “get into” the other’s head to determine what they want to receive. Is it not “what would I like him to wear/have/do,” but “what would he/she by himself/herself?

If it’s a secret office friend, don’t worry. You may not know that person perfectly, but try to find out a taste or hobby they have talked about in recent months, that is enough and plenty.

Give experiences, not objects.

The impact is greater if they are close people, adds a study, and can be especially significant for children.

If gifts are the time to express and forge love, one of the best ways to do it is with your own time,” says Pugh. “That will always be a very powerful gift.”

And for those who still doubt, there is more evidence. People who expect a material gift but receive an experiential one still report being satisfied, whereas the other way around they are not.

Choose the perfect balance.

The eternal struggle between consumerism and “do it yourself” is a matter of taste rather than certainty. The balance formula is essential to avoid spending a lot and, at the same time, giving an intimate touch to your presents. Combine items made by you with other purchases. Let your imagination fly with Christmas cards, wrappers, letters, photographs, or other personal items to achieve the expected effect.

Avoid Surprises

Avoid classic wrapping paper and change it for papers that you can design and intervene. Swap sticky cards for handwritten cards in your handwriting. You will give your gifts a different touch, and the person will know that you spent time and effort on them.


If you have no idea what to buy but want to have a nice gesture with someone, don’t be afraid to ask what they want or what they need. You may not surprise him, but at least you will give him a detail that will be useful, he will like it and will not end up in the trash.

Another good option is gift vouchers. Although some consider them a bit impersonal, they are an alternative when you do not know well who you are going to give.

If you have any experience with personalizing gifts feel free to tell me how and what below.

George Sneed

George sneed has many years of experience cooking and developing his own recipes. He uses this knowledge and experience to write about cooking and cooking-related subjects. You can read more about him here.

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