Grilling Tips That Will Work

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Tips for better grillling food
I have seen so many articles and videos about grilling and BBQ and how to improve it that contained a lot of difficult steps to take that most people do not even try to them.

Grilling and smoking should be easy and fun to do. If not you will not keep doing it. I tried to write down my tips in a way that they are easy to follow because I don’t like complicated and preparations that take hours and hours.


Being prepared is always the first tip I start with. This means that you do not decide to cook on the grill 10 minutes before dinner time.
Preparations take a little time and need to be planned.

This means that you need to prep things like you meat and veggies and make sure they are cooked and ready to eat at the same time.
Seasoning meat is in my opinion best done a while before cooking and I prefer overnight.

Rub the meat with some olive oil and than season it. The olive oil will help the seasoning to penetrate a little more in the meat instead of just sitting at the surface. I found that this makes the meat taste better.

Give the grill time to heat up

It does not make a difference if you use a charcoal, propane or electric grill. Give the grill time to heat up. Charcoal should be nice and grey and the flames should be gone. Propane need to heat up not just the grill grates but the whole grill. This will prevent heat loss.
Electric grills and especially the indoor electric grills need to cycle of a few times to make sure that the heat is evenly distributed over the total grill surface to try and prevent hot and cold spots.

Grill and cooking utensils

Have your utensils for preparation and for use on the grill ready. Nothing is more annoying than being ready to turn over that nice steak and realize that you left your tongs inside on the counter-top. Check if you have all your tools ready.
Some people like to use a apron with pockets I personally do not use them. I have a prep table next to my grill for all my bowls, knifes, tongs and spatulas I need for that session.

No fork to turn your meat

I see people use a fork to turn over an expensive steak. Although I can not tell you not to do that it is in my opinion a bad idea. When you grill a steak you basically like the surface to be seared to keep the juices inside the steak. When using a fork to turn over that steak you poke a hole in the seared surface that will allow the juices to flow out of the steak. This will make your steak dry and tough.

Turning over hamburgers to fast

Some grill cooks turn over a hamburger several times while cooking. I try not to do that. Keep it on one side for at least two or three minutes and than turn it over to the other side. If your grill is nice and hot like I wrote before, you will see some nice grill marks on the side you just grilled. Now you do the same on the other side. This will lock in the juices and prevent the burger to be dry. If you like more grill marks. Turn the burger 90 degrees and you will see them nice cross hatched marks that will make your neighbors envy your grilling skills.

how to grill better hamburgers

Thermometers to prevent over and under cooking

Any over or under cooked meat does not taste good. Under cooked can be a danger to our health and over cooked is dry and tough.
I can not imagine me cooking or grilling any meat without the use of a thermometer. I like to smoke a lot of meat and use a wireless thermometer that monitors the temperature on the grill surface. If I have to choose one thermometer to use than it would be a handheld digital probe thermometer.
This one can be used everywhere. On the grill, in a skillet or even while baking in the oven. Too many people cook their meat to long and hamburgers in particular are over cooked in many cases. Reason is that we look at the outside and guess the doneness on the inside.
Remember that meat will keep cooking for a while even if you take it off the grill.

Indirect grilling

It is easy to fill a grill with charcoal and fire it up and start grilling. But with a little bit of preparation you can use your grill for indirect cooking. Just pile up your charcoal on one side of the grill and keep it there. This will make your grill hot on one side and cooler on the other side. This will give you so many more options to use your grill. Even if you have a flare up this will give the option to move your meat to a cooler spot for a moment and take care of the flare up.


I am sorry but I have to write about cleaning you grill and believe I don’t like to do it either. Cleaning is just a necessity and better be done right away. I turn up the gas or give the charcoal as much oxygen as possible to heat up the grill as hot as I can. This will burn of all the left over pieces and take care of the grease that might be sitting on your grill grates. After that I use a wire brush to clean the grill grates. After letting the grill cool of I clean the bottom of it and remove left over charcoal and clean the grease trap.

I hope that these few tips that I personally use will help you improve your grilling and help you cook some awesome meat for you, you family and friends