Deep Fried Food

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hot air fryers and why they ae good
We all crave deep fried food ones in a while. And if it stays to ones in a while there is probably no problem.
The problem starts when we get busy and do not give our self time to cook a good meal that contains all the nutrients we need on a daily basis.
Busy in most case means a run through the drive-through and grab some junk food with of course a portion greasy fries.

Many people have a deep fryer at home and use it for snacks or french fries with a dinner. Other options are chicken nuggets and more of the food that are easy to find in you local super market.

What if I tell you that there are other options to deep fry food without the use of all these unhealthy oils that we soak our food in before we stick it in our mouth.
This option is called air fryers and although they are not a new phenomenon most people have never heard of them and stick to their old deep frying methods.

I have found some great hot air fryer reviews on this website and I have learned a lot from it.
What I was reading is that one of the modern air fryers only uses a little bit oil and not the half a gallon or more that has to be used in the older type fryers.

Hot air fryer working principle

If you look at an air-fryer and think about how they work I had to think about the modern ovens that use a ventilator to move the air through the whole oven and keep the temperature more consistent.

This is basically how a hot air fryer works. The little oil that you use in the pan will be heated and the air will be moved in the deep fryer like in a convection oven but than on a smaller scale. Less fat is linked to many health benefits.

Things to keep in mind about air fryers

An hot air fryer is not exactly the same as the older oil fryers and some people mention that they miss the crispness of the food. Other mention just the opposite and claim that the food is crispier.

After reading some of the reviews it seems to me that chicken is doing very well and fries are depending on the used brand of frozen fries.

Since this website is about the restaurant business I am wondering if restaurants in the future will start using the air fryers. We have seen a change in how people starting to look at eating out.
More people are becoming more health conscious and realize that all the fast food is not to good for them. Cutting down on fat is one of the easiest ways to take control of your food.

The use of an air fryer in combination with better types of oil and fats might be an option that the food industry have to adapt to.
Not following what customers are demanding is a certain way to not staying in business afterall.

The restaurants that are willing to look into the new way of deep frying food and are willing to invest in new air fryers will probably gain more customers in the future.