Cooking Tips And Tricks

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To get started with cooking there are a few basic things you need to know.

We have found a nice video on the 15 mistakes most beginners make when they start cooking.

After that is time to know a few basic things and we found a video of Dave Ramsey where he explained how to master the 5 basic cooking skills.

This is the first thing we publish here and it might not be what you are looking for when you look for a website about cooking indoors and outdoors.
We had to start somewhere so we thought it was a good idea to start with avoiding the most common mistakes and talking about the 5 essential and basic cooking skills you need to improve your cooking.

Let us know what you think of it and what your mistakes were when you got started with cooking. In our other articles you can read what type of mistakes I made when I started wit cooking.

2 Comments on “Cooking Tips And Tricks

  1. I just moved out of my parents house and had to start learning to cook my own food.
    These videos and tips helped me out a lot and my first meal was even edible 🙂
    I learned a few basic things from it and that helped me cook something I was able to eat and not throw in the trash.
    Jacob Glover,

    • Jacob,
      That was a nice compliment. Keep on trying and use a good recipe first. After that you can give it your own twist and make it more yours.

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