Cooking On An Indoor Grill

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how to cook on an indoor grillSome people do not have the option to grill outside. There are apartments where it is not even allowed to grill on a balcony. For many years that mend that you had to life with that.

There were options like electric indoor grills but in the past they were not any better than just to grill a hot cheese ham sandwich and that was it.

Healthier life style changes and indoor grills

In the more recent years manufacturers have realized that more people are pursuing a healthier lifestyle and one of the things to achieve that is staying away from deep fried food and even food cooked in a skillet.

Reason enough for them to pay more attention to this phenomenon and start producing and competing for customers who want to buy the best electric indoor grills. This also means that since there is more choice there is also more change of buying the wrong grill for your situation.

This brings me back to the subject of this article and that is how to cook on an indoor grill. I am an old grill cook and because of that I know a few things about cooking on a grill. Some people would say that you cannot compare any electric grill for home use with a professional grill in a restaurant but I do not agree totally with that.

Similarity between a restaurant grill and home grill

There are a lot of similarities between the two. Both need to be hot and should not have too many temperature fluctuations.

Indoor grill mistakes

There are a few mistakes I see people make when cooking on an electric indoor grill.

  • Not let it get cycle of a few times
  • Using too much meat for the grill
  • Trying to cook frozen food
  • Too much in a hurry

The reason to let it cycle of a few times is to give the grill time to heat up the whole grill surface.
Using too much meat or food means that the grill does not have enough capacity to cook your meat.
Frozen food needs a lot more heat and most indoor grills are not build for that.
Grilling takes time and you cannot cook it any faster than the grill can handle.

If you follow these 4 easy rules you are already probably using your grill a lot better than about 75% of the people do.

better electric grills

There are a few more thing to take in consideration when you think of buying an indoor grill. You have to decide how large it should be and how much power it needs.

Like I mentioned before if you do not have enough wattage for your type of cooking your meat will not get done and will taste like rubber.
A good example is a steak and the grill marks we all like to see. Without sufficient power this is not possible.

Tip: Look at what you will use your grill for and buy the necessary size and wattage.

One other very important thing is single of double plates. Some people like to use the grill like an outdoor grill and flip their meat half way. Others like to use the double plated indoor grills and cook on both sides at the same time.
Tip: Grilled cheese sandwiches are easier to make on a double plated grill.

My last advice is to look at the hinged plates if you go for the double plated. These will adjust to the thickness of your meat of sandwich automatically and this will make them cook more evenly.

I hope these tips will help you find your best indoor grill and do not have to forget about a nice grilled steak or even a simple hamburger or hotdog on the grill at any given time.