Can Food Help You Concentrate ?

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Food for better concentrationFood can do about anything in my opinion and we can improve our daily lives by just eating right.
Question is just if all the hype food and supplements are really as powerful as they claim to be.

I try to eat healthily and stay in shape and believe it or not it is not easy to do on most days. Daily activities take up a lot of time and things like taking breaks to eat sometimes are not taken or to short to even chew well.

But overall I have to say that my breakfast and dinners are loaded with healthy food and maybe in the morning a little to much coffee.

I found an article on Webmd (you can click on that link to read it) That shows 12 slides to show you how food can help you improve your brain functions.
Let’s have a look at a few of them and then you can read the whole article if you feel like it.


Caffeine can give us a boost and like I mentioned I use it sometimes too much in the mornings, but I love my coffee in the mornings.
The caffeine gives you that morning buzz and it is not only found in coffee but also in chocolate, energy drinks, and even some medications.
Use in moderation, like anything else, can help you and keeps you alert. Coffee at night, however, can keep you awake


Sugar and I am not talking about table sugar, but glucose is the fuel source your body needs to function. A glass of orange juice can help you boost your thinking and alertness for this reason. But too much can be added for you and in a lot of food, there are added sugars that we need to stay away from as much as we can.


I use to skip breakfast for a long time for the simple reason that I did not like to get up earlier than I had to. I found another job that I did not have to start so early and changed my habit of eating breakfast every morning, and changing the subject for a second, to do some meditation before starting the day. I feel a lot more energized after I changed my morning routine and will stick to it for that reason.


The protein in fish is linked to better brain functioning in many studies around the world. The Omega 3 fatty acids seem to be a key ingredient in the fish that will help our brain function better. lately, I have read more and more however that a lot of fish come from so-called fish farms and are not caught in the wild anymore. These types of fish are fed all kinds of food that makes them less healthy for is now the new claim. My opinion is that it is better to eat a little less healthy fish than no fish and get not enough Omega 3 in.

Nuts and chocolate

Like I mentioned in the part about coffee, chocolate contains a lot of good stuff to help us improve our concentration and brain function.
Nuts are something everyone should include in eating every day. Just a handful is more than enough to boost all kinds of functions in our body and it is one of the easiest ways to boost our health. Chocolate should be limited to dark chocolate only since the lighter colors are processed and nothing processed is good for us in general.


I like avocados, not too much. The taste is not my favorite to eat them just like they are. I can eat them is a lot of dishes and even in a nice salad and that is how I eat them. Many people have that same problem and because of that stay away from them. Try to add them to something else and benefit from all the good things they contain. Do you know that avocado is also good for your hearth and reduces the risk of plague in your arteries?

Whole grain

I know there is a whole discussion going on about eating grains or not. I still believe that whole grains are a good source of fibers and will help your digestive tract. The problem is that there hardly is any real whole grain. Most of the time the bran is removed and this is one of the most beneficial parts of the grain. The Monsanto story is also not encouraging to eat whole wheat, but there are whole wheat products available that will be good for you.

meditation for concentration

Healthy diet

We all know that a healthy diet can change our lives. Eating healthy is just not that easy in many situations, but can be achieved with some easy to follow steps. Many people go out for lunch every day and do not take a lunch from home anymore.
Dinner or supper is often the same situation. Busy and running late takes us away from eating well. It is time that we realize that healthy eating is no longer an option. If we like to feel good and live a long life we have to eat the things that will support that goal.

Recently I find that drinking some wine at night makes me sleep better. It just has to be served at the right temperature. I wrote about it in this article.

You can read the whole article about all the healthy benefits of the things I wrote about here by clicking on the link at the top of this article.