BBQ and Grilling Mistakes

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Learn How To Get Rid Of Outside Cooking Errors that Kill Your Cookout

All of us make grilling and bbq cooking errors. Often we do not even know what they are until we recognize that the barbecued and grilled food you cook is not as excellent as you’ve had tasted elsewhere. Make a psychological note of these outdoor cooking pointers and get in the outside cooking game.
Your average yard cook is no specialist in the BBQ or barbecuing field. He has no TV shows on the Food Network. He has no grilling cookbooks out. Nor has any of those belonged to his life time objective.

No, your typical outdoor cooking enthusiast makes more errors with barbecue barbecuing than you might ever imagine. The meat ends up dry and hard again and again, regardless of marinading for hours. Or the meat is charred or prepared too long.
Since your average yard cook usually does not know any different, these errors are made time and time again.

Here are some of the more common mistakes

Read some more BBQ tips and some more do’s and don’t s made in barbecue grill cooking:

  • If you started with frozen meat, make certain the meat is defrosted completely. Aiming to cook the inside of a still-frozen piece of meat is beside impossible without burning the outside.
  • Lighter fluid taste will always get into your meat no matter how much you prepare the coals down. A chimney starter makes starting the fire a breeze.
  • Never poke the bbq meat with a fork after cooking has actually started. When poking with a fork, the juices will run out of the meat and right into the bottom of the barbeque pit or grill.
  • Lower the heat. Other than for steaks, that require a fast searing, cook slow over low to medium heat. Lower heat is far more workable and it will make the meat tender and juicy.
  • Quit lifting the lid to check the meat. Whenever you do that it changes the temperature level inside the barbecue grill or pit. Air from you opening the cover imitates a sponge and dries the meat up. Opening the cover likewise increases your chances of flare-ups.
  • This is more of a food safety mistake. Do not put the prepared meat back on the very same plate or platter that the raw meat was on without washing it. Mixing the cooked with the raw just begs for someone to get sick.

Naturally, these are not all the mistakes made by the amateur outside cook, however are a few of the more common. If you will avoid doing these yourself, you will eliminate numerous of the things that cause BBQ failures.
Your guests and household will question how come your grilled or barbecued food is a lot better then it used to be. And, who knows? … Maybe the Food Network will come looking for you.

meat is burnt or cooked too long

This is one of the most made mistakes. Over or under cooking. By using a good thermometer to check the internal temperature of your meat you can overcome this mistake very easily.