Animals and Cooking

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lady in wheel chair petting a cat in the kitchen

I understand that this title probably does not make a lot of sense. I will explain a little more in a minute why this title.

I am writing this to make it understandable that having pets in your personal kitchen does not mean that their hair will get in your food.

However, when you talk about a commercial kitchen the health department will have a different opinion and will not like the idea that you have animals in the kitchen unless it is a service dog or similar.

Service animals are an exception but need to have a good per bed as you can find here

What can animals cause

We all, at least I hope, have been raised to keep animals away from the kitchen table. I personally see no difference between the table of the countertop.

Animals do shed hair and that hair can come in your food. And if you like it or not and how careful you are you can not avoid that.

I guess all of us have sooner or later had a hair in our food in a restaurant and although these are from humans. An animal hair is just as bed or maybe even worse since they can be more dirty.

Animals can also have other bugs on them and it does not have to be fleas, it can be ticks or other bugs they picked up from outdoors.

What to do with pets while cooking

We personally have two dogs and a cat. They are basically always indoors and only the dogs go outside to do their thing.

We keep the cat boxes out of the kitchen but that is just standard hygiene in my opinion. The dogs is a different story.

Depending on what I am cooking they have to stay out of the kitchen and to be hones they know that and will not even come to the kitchen when they heart the noise of pots and pans.

As we all know is that it is a fact that cats do not listen to well. But although they do not listen if you keep sending them out of the kitchen sooner or later they will give up.

One thing that is very important and kind of logical in my opinion is to keep the food and water of the pets out of the kitchen if you want to teach them these things.

Our pets have their bowls in the utility room and do not know any better.

My take on pets and cooking

I love my pets and especially the dogs are more of my companion then the cat. And although I love my pets i do not want them to get near me while I am cooking. Dogs are easier to train and that did not cost me too much time.

The cat was a different story and only by being consistent I could slowly teach her to stay out of the kitchen. I found very helpful that they, and I am talking about the dogs now, had their own dog beds.

That is their private territory and that is where I send them while I am doing cooking that I don’t want them to be around.

If you have an opinion about this subject or have developed a way to keep your pet or pets out of the kitchen while you are cooking, let me know and I can share it with the readers here.

George Sneed

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